Legal signals that the dodgy socialist dam is rooted

After the moratorium on progressing the dodgy socialist Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme was voted on and won, there was some other interesting news.

News, that if true shows the extraordinary lengths the Hawkes Bay Regional Council, under Fenton  “Jong-un” Wilson, were prepared to go to force the dam through come hell or high water.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has today laid charges against the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council in relation to its wastewater treatment plants in Waipukurau and Waipawa.

CHB District Council faces three charges of breaching its consent conditions in relation to discharges of contaminants from its Waipukarau and Waipawa wastewater treatment plants.

The CHB District Council’s resource consents allow for a certain number of exceedances during a 12-month period.

HBRC claims the district council has passed that limit at both plants.  

One charge relates to the discharge of E. coli at Waipawa in excess of the five allowed exceedances. The other two charges relate to discharge of E. coli and dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP) at Waipukurau, again in excess of the five allowed exceedances.

A court date is yet to be set.

CHB District Council upgraded its Waipawa and Waipukurau wastewater plants two years ago to meet new standards required under new resource consents, which came into effect in October 2014.

You might be wondering what this case has to do with the dodgy socialist dam.

Well, sources tell me that the reason they haven’t been charged until today was because the HBRC was holding a gun to the heads  of the CHBDC. They needed the CHBDC to buy water from the dodgy socialist dam in order to make the numbers work. That appears to now be off the table with the moratorium and likely cancellation of the project.

The HBRC has pulled the trigger.

I warned people over months, if not years that the dam couldn’t proceed because of nutrient levels and in particular the discharges from Waipawa and Waipukurau. The river was already at the allowed nutrient headroom and constant discharges from Waipawa, in particular, meant that there was no headroom in the nutrient levels for the added discharges that would come from irrigation.

I was laughed at, ridiculed and even strong-armed by CHBDC staff over my claims, even though I had photographic evidence and the council’s own documents provided the discharges. Today I was proved right.

The HBRC was acting as both poacher and gamekeeper in their promotion of the dam. It was a clear conflict of interest, but that was removed with the moratorium and now we see legal action being taken. The HBRC knew they couldn’t build the dam with the nutrient loads currently in the river, but they thought they could get the dam across the line and retrospectively change the rules to allow increased headroom.

This is a sure sign that the dam is stuffed.


– HB Today


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