Martyn “Wrongly Wrongson” Martin Bradbury on Mt Albert

Martyn Bradbury


National?s shrewd decision to stand back and not run in Mt Albert has more potential to hurt Labour than first thought.

Jacinda and Labour need the Greens and NZ First to not run so as to keep the the peace between online activists who could destabilise the current truce that needs to hold if they want any hope of looking like a Government in waiting rather than a squabbling opposition of tribes.

So far so good, but what could throw everything out of line is if Gareth Morgan decides to stand in Mt Albert. This would be a stroke of genius on his behalf as it would allow him to showcase TOP policy which would end up making Labour?s policy look light weight in comparison.

Gareth could showcase his Party at a time when the media have nothing else to feast on, if TOP are serious expect Gareth to put his hat in the ring.

Mt Albert could turn out to be a fascinating by-election.

Martyn normally doesn’t go to bat for anyone unless there is something in it for him. ?He’s been pushing Morgan and TOP even before the?”party”‘s launch.

Dollars to knobs of goat poo he is providing Comrade Gareth Morgan with political advice in exchange for a new phone and laptop.

That’s if his price list hasn’t changed from three and a bit years ago when he was offering the same solid consultancy to Kim Dotcom ?and Internet/Mana.

There isn’t a party he hasn’t destroyed yet. ?Now that Martyn’s on the job, I can relax and let nature take its inevitable path.


– The Daily Blog