Did a National board member out a National MP?

Yesterday we ran a story about Lloyd Burr’s jealous rage forcing a National MP to come out of the closet, as if anyone really cares these days.

The days of Muldoonist outing of poofs are long since dead.

What is worse is that the tipline is saying that Glenda Hughes, a National Party Board member, has been promoting the story so she can get rid of an MP she wants to replace with one of her hand-picked sycophants. 

Glenda Hughes has every right to be involved in selections, but absolutely no right to stay on the National Party Board if she wants to meddle in selections.

The Board has a constitutional role to play in the governance of the National Party, and board members have to be scrupulously fair and completely neutral in applying the party rules in selections. They should not be meddling in selections, and if they do they should be invited to resign immediately, or John Key should step in and sack them.

I have long had a policy of outing meddlers and deliberate actions of skullduggery by board members. I will continue to do so, and idle threats and phone calls won’t stop me. I’m not a member of any political party so am immune to their bloviated threats and intimidation.


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