So, the NZ Herald spent six months on an “investigation” into hair extensions

The NZ Herald states that they spent six months investigating hair extensions and where they come from.

Here is a tweet from one of their journalists bragging about it:

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-9-45-10-pmSounds impressive. Then another of their journalists gets snippy on Facebook because someone criticised their 6 months worth of work.


I wondered what on earth possessed these brilliant investigative journalists to conduct such an investigation themselves.

What I found, in two minutes on Google is that this is a story that has been running for years…literally.


So these geniuses skiting about their fantastic investigative story either got the idea from other outlets, or conned their editor into springing for a trip to China to spend 6 months investigating something that has been done to death in other outlets.

Brilliant investigative piece? Really?

The BBC ran a story last month. The Smithsonian did the same thing three weeks ago. A Kenyan media outlet ran the same story two months ago. Elite Daily covered it as well. The Sun did the story in October this year. Yahoo Beauty ran it two years ago. The Daily Mirror in the UK also covered it in March this year. The South China Morning Post also wrote about it in 2014.

This is how stupid the NZ Herald are; They paid the expenses of one of their decent journalists, trained and skilled, to travel to China and conduct a six month study, costs that could easily have been saved if they did what they usually do and simply copied and pasted an article from a news outlet that actually does investigative journalism.

There they are on social media going on about how fucking amazing they are, and how they’ve conducted a six-month investigation, rah, rah, rah…and the reality is the story isn’t original, isn’t even really investigative and is a complete joke.

No wonder the NZ Herald is losing subscribers faster than they can give out free subscriptions for 6 weeks.


– Facebook, Twitter, Kiwi Journalists Association


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