Most people think the resolution is just about settlements. Well it’s not.

Many NZ politicians and the general public think that resolution 2334 is just about condemning Israeli settlements. However, UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer has written an?excellent piece explaining in detail what resolution 2334 is really all about. In it, he sets out why the resolution represents such a departure from the United States’ original position and why it is so bad for Israel and the West. It goes much, much further than a simple condemnation of Israeli settlements and I have a summary of his key points for you below:

Resolution 2334:

  • Encourages Palestinian rejectionism and undermines negotiations
  • Boosts Palestinian targeting of Israelis with BDS & international prosecutions
  • Contrary to U.S. Claims, the resolution?fails to condemn Palestinian incitement
  • Blames Israel as ?major obstacle? to peace, yet Palestinians evade responsibility
  • Lacks legitimacy in U.S. opinion
  • Seeks to relitigate & rewrite Resolution 242 framework


  • Failure to distinguish settlements loses Israeli mainstream
  • ?Calling Jerusalem?s Jewish holy sites ?occupied Palestinian territory? is offensive
  • U.S. position reneges on commitments in 2004 Bush-Sharon Letters
  • Explanation of vote misstates longstanding U.S. Policy
  • Reverses Decades of U.S. Practice


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