The silence from National is deafening, Bill English is treating his supporters with disdain

While Labour leader Andrew Little and Act leader David Seymour were quick to answer new media queries from Whaleoil, PM Bill English has remained silent and has refused to respond to the issue either via new media or the MSM. As the repercussions of Nationals’s controversial action at the UN swirl, he has ignored Whaleoil’s repeated requests for comment. My last three attempts to reach him are below. Does English really think that closing his eyes and putting his hands over his ears and saying la la la repeatedly will make this issue go away? The Americans are angry, Israel is angry and many of The National party’s voters are angry. He needs to explain?Nationals’s actions and he needs to do it quickly?before National bleeds any more support.

Hi Bill,
Juana Atkins here again from Whaleoil. Our sources tell us that you would have been informed when Murray McCully was warned by Benjamin Netanyahu that if he continued with the UN resolution that Israel would see it as an act of war against them. Why did you allow this resolution to proceed? Donald Trump persuaded the original proposer of the resolution Egypt to drop it yet knowing this New Zealand picked it up and worked with a communist country to put it forward.
From the 20th of January Trump will be America’s President. Why did the National Party think it was a good idea to challenge their diplomatic relationship with both Israel and America? What did the National party expect to gain from the resolution? America’s congress is proposing a number of repercussions against the UN for passing the resolution, including withdrawing all U.S. funding. They are also going to punish NZ for the part they played as they plan to scale back ties with foreign nations that voted in favour of the controversial measure.
New Zealand wants to hear why the National Party chose to go ahead with the resolution despite clear indications from Netanyahu and Trump that it was the wrong thing to do. When you are ready to make a statement please contact me via FB
Kind regards Juana Atkins