New Zealand Terror Step One: Bomb threats

Emergency officials across Massachusetts have been responding to robo-call bomb threats at 32 schools, State Police say.

Emergency officials across Massachusetts have been responding to robo-call bomb threats at 32 schools, State Police say.

When it comes to terrorism New Zealand follows Australia, Australia follows America and America follow Europe. Bomb threats to our schools that never existed before are now part of New Zealand life.

Schools across New Zealand have received bomb threats.

Police said a threatening pre-recorded message of a “concerning nature” had been phoned in to a number of schools.

…The Herald can confirm schools in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Gisborne, Palmerston North, Masterton and Christchurch have received calls.

The Ministry of Education has transferred a senior staff member into police national headquarters to ensure there is a coordinated response to today’s large scale threat.

…Emergency authorities responded, and it is understood some have been asked to help manage the crowds of parents who picked up their children.

…Police believe that today’s calls may be similar to those received earlier this year, which inquiries indicated originated overseas.

“We must take all these calls seriously and respond accordingly,” police said.

…Ministry of Education head of sector enablement and Support Kim Shannon said schools will respond in line with their emergency plans and will take advice from police.

“It’s extremely concerning and disappointing to see schools targeted in this way.

…In February this year hoax bomb threats were made to at least 33 schools around the country.

The calls happened over two days and the police believed they were linked.

…Two Northland schools and more than eight Auckland schools received the threats.

“We are very aware of very similar incidents occurring around the world, in particular the United States, UK and recently Australia,” he said.

In my opinion bomb threats are step one and are used to find weaknesses and to learn how our authorities react. They are also terror tactics as they are an easy way to start putting fear into the hearts of the populace to soften them up for what is to follow. So what can New Zealand expect?

Sydney hostage crisis (2014)

…a self-proclaimed Muslim sheikh, Man Haron Monis, took 17 people hostage inside a chocolate café in Sydney. He forced hostages to hold up a jihadist black flag against a window of the café…

Read a news article about it here.

2015 Parramatta shooting

…a 15-year-old Iranian-born Iraqi-Kurdish boy shot dead a 58-year-old accountant, who worked for the New South Wales Police Force, outside the Parramatta Police headquarters.The boy then shot at special constables guarding the building, and was shot dead by them.

Four men were arrested and charged in relation to the shooting.

Read a news article about it here.

Minto stabbing (September 2016)

…a man was attacked in a park in Minto New South Wales. He was chased and repeatedly stabbed or slashed with a knife. The offender was charged with attempted murder and with committing a terrorist act.

Read a news article about it here.

Australia has had one act of terror a year since 2014 but that number does not include the terror attacks that they have managed to stop.Below are their counterterrorism efforts so far.

Australians joining external conflicts

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), proscribed by the government as a terrorist organisation, has targeted Australian Muslims for recruitment.

…Some of those targeted have been minors, including a teenager who was arrested in Melbourne in May 2015 for plotting to detonate home-made bombs.In June 2014, the government claimed that roughly 150 Australians had been recruited to fight in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

…The Australian Border Force Counter-Terrorism Unit, tasked with stopping jihadists from leaving the country, had cancelled more than 100 passports by the end of March 2015. 

…On 1 September 2016 Hamdi Alquidsi was sentenced to 8 years jail (6 minimum) by Justice Christine Adamson. In July he was found guilty of seven counts of “supporting engagement in armed hostilities” in Syria.

September 2014 AFP raids

…large teams of Australian Federal Police (AFP) and other security agencies conducted search operations in both Sydney and Brisbane.

…This action is described as the largest in Australian history to date. One man arrested, from Guildford, allegedly conspired to commit a “horrifying” terrorist act with a man believed to be the most senior Australian Islamic State leader.

On 30 September 2014 there were more raids in Melbourne….Over 100 officers from Federal and State police forces took part.A man from Seabrook will be charged with “intentionally making funds available to a terrorist organisation knowing that organisation was a terrorist organisation,”

On 10 February 2015 two men were arrested in Fairfield, New South Wales, and charged with “Acts done in preparation, for, or planning terrorists acts”.

On 8 May 2015 a 17-year-old was arrested in Greenvale, Melbourne for plotting to detonate home-made bombs.


America didn’t learn from Europe and Australia didn’t learn from America. Will New Zealand be fatalistic and accept that an Islamic terror attack is inevitable or will it do things differently? Election 2017 is going to be an important one. Any political party that offers to “build a wall” against terror attacks on New Zealand soil will do very well indeed.



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