Talk about stupid from Fairfax

Fairfax really are seeking relevance with retarded stories like the one about what happens to John Key’s security detail when he resigns.

For the past eight years John?Key has been flanked by a team of Diplomatic Protection Service agents who have kept him safe. But?come Monday, he may be fending for himself.

Police, along with Key’s office, declined to comment on Tuesday?whether or not he would retain any of his security detail once he steps down next week. ??

Political scientist Paul Buchanan said Key would probably be seeking advice in the coming days from?the Department of Prime?Minister?and Cabinet, and the?Security Intelligence Service on the matter.

“I would imagine he will keep the detail until the end of the parliamentary session.?The people who advise him will sit down with DPS,?probably?SIS and the police, to give an assessment?of the?likelihood?of John Key being threatened once he steps down.

What utter rubbish.

The security detail goes with the position, not with the person. In politics one day you are the rooster and the next you are a feather duster.

Next Monday, 5 minutes after he hands in his warrant to the Governor-General, his security detail will evaporate. He will simply be the MP for Helensville and of no risk whatsoever.

The security detail will immediately be in charge of protecting the new PM.

The only thing John Key will keep is a car and a driver.

It is retarded stories like this that do the Media party no favours.


– Fairfax