Todd Barclay wins

Incumbent MP Todd Barclay survived an attempted ratfucking by Glenda Hughes and the Evil Six and won the Clutha-Southland Selection.

There are some steps that need to be taken immediately within National.

Glenda Hughes, who should not be meddling in selections should do the honourable thing and resign from the board. If she does not she should be invited to resign. If she does not resign caucus should arrange for her to be voted off at the earliest possible time, even if it is in election year. Fortunately, this is likely to happen anyway as the inside word is the PM wants her off the board. ?

The ?Evil Six? should also immediately resign from any positions within National. If they do not resign Todd Barclay and the electorate chair should door-step each and everyone one of them and ask them to resign. If they still fail to resign they need to be voted out early next year at the branch meetings. This should not be necessary as an honourable person would resign after running such a nasty and horrible campaign using the media to white-ant their existing MP.

Sources in Clutha-Southland said that Simon Flood?s lack of knowledge of farming really counted against him. This is of no real surprise, as the National selection process almost always selects the best person for the electorate, which is the beauty of having local delegates choosing their MP.

At the same time, National is missing out on a fine potential MP in Simon Flood.

While he was unsuccessful in Clutha-Southland Flood is exactly the kind of MP National need, perhaps just not in a rural seat. Some thought should be given to helping him position for an urban seat rather than a rural one. Hopefully, this experience has not put him off from running again. It is important that the regeneration of National continues with smart people who have proven their ability on the world stage making it into caucus.

This episode should give Simon Flood pause to think that he may have done better if he had surrounded himself with competent advisors and team members rather than the haters and wreckers of the electorate.