Whaleoil wants a metaphorical bullet-proof helmet

Financial sabotage can be fatal to a business. Whaleoil has survived multiple attacks on its advertising revenue as well as a criminal hack. We survived it because of the Whale Armies incredible loyalty and unparalleled generosity.

Being constantly under attack is not much fun particularly since the last few years has included legal jihad.


 The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is a bad strategy which is why Whaleoil needs its metaphorical bullet proof helmet. Our long-term goal is to have all the bullet proof gear we need to prevent us ending up back in the hospital but our short term goal for December is the helmet.


When you subscribe to Whaleoil you get the benefit of google ad-free content while contributing to the purchase of our metaphorical helmet.

10,000+ people read Whaleoil every day.

With your support, we can ensure that Whaleoil is eventually dressed head to toe in armour guaranteed to repel attacks by social justice bullies, hackers, Nicky Hager, legal jihadis and assorted left-wing virtue signalling companies and individuals.

If you subscribe today I promise to get  a metaphorical one of these as well.

abdo_guard-217x300Because we all know that Lefties specialise in hitting below the belt!



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