Who are the Evil Six?

Earlier today we posted about the skullduggery going on in the Clutha-Southland. This blog does not take a position on selection, believing it is the decision of local delegates, that board members should get the hell out of the way and any skullduggery needs to be outed publicly.

Local delegate Lloyd Anderson coined the phrase the ?Evil Six? who are out trying to rat-fuck incumbent MP Todd Barclay. Since we posted the tipline has been running hot with who the Evil Six are, and their shabby behaviour motivated by what appears to be a good hardworking local MP not employing them after he took over from Bill English.

The tipline is saying these are the four of the six.

1. Alison McLeary-Moore

2. Mary Pullar (Mother of Bronwyn Pullar)

Those two were former staff who weren’t offered jobs when the MP changed. You be the judge of why not. ?

3. Glenys Dickson -?Bill’s former staffer who Parliamentary Services had to deal with because she was speaking ill of Barclay, Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie and other National MPs, and is now working for NZ First List MP Ria Bond. Quite why she is involving herself in National party matters now is beyond me.

4. Stuart Davie – The former electorate chair who was removed by the electorate when they discovered he was working with the others to find someone to challenge Todd Barclay.

Apparently, these ratbags can?t accept the era of Bill English and glide time is long gone, and there is a new MP who wanted them to work a bit harder than Bill ever asked them to.

And two others who we are currently fact checking details of, as they do not appear to be the most savoury of characters. We will out them when we have fact checked.