I wonder how many of these guys Bill promised a ministerial portfolio for their public endorsement

A whole bunch of MPs declared earlier today for Bill English. This ultimately led to Judith Collins jacking in the race. But, at least one of them at least was promised a ministerial portfolio if he did so…that will come at the expense of Jonathan Coleman who will get stabbed first for daring to interrupt his coronation.

Judith Collins is likely to get stabbed too because Bill English has such a deep and abiding vindictive streak.

Bill English’s bid for Prime Minister continues to build momentum as more MPs declare their support for him today.

Twenty-one MPs have now committed to backing English in a vote on Monday, while none have yet publicly backed the other contenders Jonathan Coleman and Judith Collins.

To get a majority within the National caucus a candidate will need 30 votes.

The growing level of support for English could put pressure on Coleman and Collins to withdraw from the race.

National’s Jami-Lee Ross, Jonathan Young, Todd Muller, Chris Bishop and Brett Hudson are the latest to say they will back English. ?

Muller and Bishop are among a group of back bench MPs who pushed for a contested leadership race.

“New Zealanders are looking for strong leadership, continuity and stability,” Muller said in a statement.

“The world is in a heightened state of flux and Bill has the experience and wise judgement to guide New Zealand successfully through these times.”

Muller said he would support Simon Bridges for Deputy Prime Minister. Paula Bennett is also seeking the deputy role.

Ross, who is National’s junior whip, chose English despite having a close relationship with Collins.

“I am a friend of Judith Collins,” he said. “I am also a friend of Jonathan Coleman. I respect them both as Members of Parliament but I believe that Bill English delivers the stability that New Zealanders deserve.”

Ross said he supported a contest for the deputy role. He said the position created an opportunity to consider generational change.

Jami-lee Ross had a big problem though. He was doing the numbers for Bill English and he’s the one who fed Patrick Gower the bullshit number of 45 votes, which we now know was rubbish. But he is a whip and by convention whips must remain aloof from such shenanigans as they need to act as scrutineers when the ballot takes place. This was a silly move on his part. I hope the minister’s job he was promised by Bill is worth it. For someone who was working closely with Maurice Williamson the last time Bill English was in charge it seems a rather strange position to be in now supporting such a vindictive?leadership contender.

I wonder how many other ministers are now at risk so Bill English can pay off his public supporters? He’s offered up their jobs to get the support he needed to win. I suspect that some are about to find out they backed the wrong horse as they get knifed.

Silly, silly people.


– NZ Herald