Advice from Sonny Bill Williams – choose your friends wisely

I covered Sonny Bill’s interesting sponsorship arrangement with BMW a while ago. ?Not that it flies in the face of the All Black’s existing relationship with Ford, but that BMW would choose a product ambassador who has such clear links to militant Islam through his … friends.

TVNZ 1 reported

Sonny Bill Williams has given his followers some advice to live by as he builds into a huge 2017 season.

The injured All Black posted a picture to Twitter telling his fans to be around positivity in their lives.

“I love being around positive people, choose ur friends wisely as we are a product of our environment,” Williams tweeted.

That seems to have been written without a single hint of self-awareness.

Yes, SBW chooses to hang out with and promote anti-gay extremists such as Mufti Menk and anti-Jewish hate-preacher Ibrahim Bham as well as hanging with his pro-ISIS buddies.

What sort of product does he think his environment will produce?

Sources tell Whaleoil?that BMW Australia have sent in a problem solver to try and untangle BMW New Zealand from their poorly chosen friend.

All BMW controlled promotional material on-line and off-line has disappeared. ?SBW is allowed to keep the car as long as he?does not promote BMW.


– TVNZ 1