Bill…. Bro…

An Israeli Kiwi in Australia wrote to Bill English on Boxing Day

From: “Don Durham” <[email protected]>
Date: 26/12/2016 6:34 PM
Subject: 20161226 UN matters
To: <[email protected]>

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulations on your recent elevation to the big chair. I quickly scanned your resume and you have certainly put in the hard yards over the years. I know a large measure of your success has been due to your strong family and community values.

Bill…Bro…I’m a Kiwi currently living in OZ. I’m also an Israeli citizen and spent around 27 years living there. I’m not Jewish, my two children and grandaughter are.

Arabs and Israel. I served in the army as a combat medic, some of my fellow soldiers were moslems. I taught in a teacher’s training college with Israel Arab and Bedouin students. I taught at a moslem school. My daughter is a school teacher, she studied with moslem citizens. My son is a fireman. Some of his best workmates are Israeli Arabs. Indeed for the next month he is stationed in [redacted – WO] . A major Arab town. We know up close and personally the issues facing our nation. I was there through tough times. We will work it out but won’t be bullied.

My very dear NZ’s interests are not served by pandering to the despicable UN. This action has greatly angered me. As someone who put his money where his mouth is and went off to help little Israel in the ’70’s I am very proud of my participion in it’s spectacular progress. The UN has zero credibility in Israel and rightly so. The slang in Hebrew is Oom Kloom, a play on words meaning UN = nothing.

Bill I read that you are a Christian. You do realise that the only safe country in the whole Middle East for an identifying Christian in Israel.

There were half a dozen Kiwis sitting around the Christmas turkey yesterday…saddened, mystified and angry at this lousy diplomatic failure.

I wish you all the best PM.

Kindest regards.

Don Durham.


As some of our commenters say, we shouldn’t be interested, worried or involved. ?This is like a world away. ?It’s nothing to do with us.

That’s probably why Bill English is still enjoying his holiday and unlike other Prime Ministers, including the ones from Australia and the UK, who have already made public statements on this, he’s still keeping quiet.