A Black man walks into a bar…

A black person walks into a bar.

The barman kicks him out, shouting ?no blacks are allowed in my bar!?

The local community protests outside the bar.

The barman tells them: ?I don’t understand what the issue is. It says outside my bar ?Whites Only?, and this man didn’t abide by the rules!?

If the passage above infuriated you (and I really, really hope that it did), then you might be able to understand, to some extent, why many Israelis are angry at the UN condemnation.

You see, many Israelis don’t believe that these settlements are illegal. They believe that the contested land was ceded to them by Jordan, after Jordan and the other Arab neighbors to Israel attempted to wipe Israel off the map in 1967 – and lost. They think that if one country wants to obliterate another and loses, then they have no right whatsoever to any land lost, and that the people who live in the area who sided with said losing nation can either put up with the new rules – or leave.

You can agree. You can disagree.

But if you constantly try to make up the rules, and they are blatantly biased against a person, or a nation, then people will inevitably get angry at you when you lash out once more at them, regardless of whether you’re right or not in this particular case.

And since, in fact, this is what the UN routinely does when it comes to Israel, I’m afraid you’ll have to tolerate our anger – or our indifference.


What do readers think?