Dear David

In the vacuum left by McCully and English, other MPs and other parties are managing to fill the void and are getting voters’ attention.


I thought you might be interested in the below response from David Seymour to my questions regarding

1. the recent UN resolution…. ( a nice plug / reference given to Whaleoil )
2. ACT Muslim immigration policy.

I certainly appreciated his prompt and considered response even if I am now sadly at odds with him on the Muslim immigration issue.

kind regards

Dear Stephen,
You may be interested in my public response on the UN resolution here:

With respect to Muslim immigration, there were 46,000 identifying as in the 2013 census, up from 36,000 at the 2006 census. It is going?to take a long time for New Zealand to reach two per cent Muslim community. On the other hand, if we were to ban muslim immigration, we would have to create a police state where it is legal for the Government to enquire about your religion, and that would?only be meaningful if there were punishments for lying and ways of finding out if someone has lied. It very quickly starts to sound like the inquisition. One thing?s for sure though, going down that track would be the fastest way to radicalise those who are?already here.

For those reasons, I don?t think we should go looking for Muslim immigrants, but nor should we start to demonise them through Government?crackdowns.

Hope that helps,