Dear Ms Kaye

A reader decides to take this whole UN boilerplate response issue from National MPs further

Dear Ms Kaye

Thank you for replying to our email to you regarding NZ’s sponsoring of the above resolution.

We were quite impressed with the the detail you went into, until we realised that it was just a standard “cut and paste”, that was being sent to constituents by every MP. We realise now the utter distain and contempt that the National Party feels towards their voters.

The only National MP to send an email to a constituent with his own thoughts was Chester Borrows. Unfortunately his email was a disgusting diatribe that blamed Israel for all the problems against the poor Palestinians. He also told his constituent that he was welcome to take his vote elsewhere, “but where else have you got to go”. Absolute ignorance from this man, who doesn’t care because he is retiring.

We are not Jewish, and to the best of our knowledge do not know any Jewish people. The two state solution will never happen, when the Palestinians sole goal is to cleanse all Jews off the face of the earth, and take over the entire land of Israel. Arabs live in Israel and get the vote, housing, education and medical care. This does not happen in the Arab states in the Middle East. The settlements on the West Bank are NOT on occupied land. The land was taken by Jordan off Israel in 1948. Then Israel took it back in 1967, and Jordan relinquished all claim to the land. So it was NEVER Palestinian land, so they have no claim to it.

If you and your government wish to side with the Palestinian terrorists, along with Hamas and Jihad, then we are sorry you have lost our vote. If Murray McCully thinks trade with the Middle East is more important than the lives of innocent Jewish men, women and children, then we do not wish to support a party that has that sort of thinking. ?[WO empahsis]

You only have a slim majority in Auckland Central, but that has just been reduced by two, as we will give our electorate vote to the Labour candidate. Our party vote will go to ACT, as David Seymour had the decency to answer our email to him within 10 minutes of us sending it over the Christmas period.

There are many of our friends , and people we talk to in our apartment building who are up in arms over this issue. National may get a wake up call in the next round of polling.

National have just about put themselves into a position where they are now locked in for the duration.

I love to repeat that it was Martyn Bradbury that called New Zealand’s involvement in getting resolution 2334 over the line the best Christmas gift ever. ?If National and its MPs can’t see that when you agree with the nation’s most mocked “political mind”, it should at a minimum be a cause for a second look.

National are running out of time to stop?this leak of voters. ?Soon even a full reversal will still leave the bad taste. ?It is clear the National Party do not believe standing behind its own principles is needed. ?Even at the cost of losing the support of voters that are expecting them to back democracy, self determination, and personal and national security.