Fake News on Stuff


I read Stuff because it is better than the NZ Herald but today I read an article about Milo Yiannopoulos and I was disgusted to see that they had published a blatant lie about him. I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised since left-wing media outlets all over have written lies about both him and Steve Bannon, his ex-boss from Breitbart. Breitbart, of course, has had incredible growth and are expanding. They have taken on old media and are winning so that may be why the MSM is so keen to publish lies about anyone connected to their competition.

The article in question is about a book that Milo has written. I have already pre-ordered it myself and it is already a best seller on Amazon even though it hasn’t been released yet.


Ironically all the fuss the media and others are making about his book is boosting sales of it. The same thing happened when twitter banned him, it just made him even more popular.We should call it the Nicky Hager effect. When you tell the public that someone or something is bad they rush to check them out for themselves. Many of you checked out Whaleoil because of Nicky’s book “Dirty Politics” and liked what you found. You had been told that we dabbled in the political dark arts, ate babies and controlled?the National Party, John Key and the New Zealand mainstream media. Nicky Hager made Whaleoil seem incredibly powerful and naughty and let’s face it who isn’t attracted to a bad boy? All dark and brooding and not the sort your mother would approve of.

Milo is a bad boy and his fans love him for it. The more his critics tell him off for being provocative the more he provokes.

Simon & Schuster has defended a reported US$250,000 (NZ$361,000) book deal with alt-right blogger Milo Yiannopoulos, after the news sparked backlash from authors and book reviewers accusing the publisher of condoning hate speech.

Milo is not alt-right that is a?second lie. As a journalist he has written articles attempting to explain alt-right views but has gone out of his way repeatedly to explain that he himself is not alt-right although he does agree with some of their views. This has not stopped multiple media outlets repeating the lie that he is ?alt-right. They have even crowned him ” King of the alt-right.”

…Yiannopoulos, 32, a blogger for the far-right opinion website Breitbart News – whose influence now reaches the highest offices of US government, after president-elect Donald Trump named Stephen Bannon, the site’s executive chair, as his Chief Strategist ? has a history of controversial statements, including attacking feminism, Islam, transgender people, the Black Lives Matter movement and the “regressive left”, on a platform of anti-PC “free speech”.

…”Every line of attack the forces of political correctness try on me fails pathetically. I’m more powerful, more influential and more fabulous than ever before, and this book is the moment Milo goes mainstream.

“Social justice warriors should be scared ? very scared,” he added.

Simon & Schuster’s decision to publish Yiannopoulos’ incendiary views… was instantly condemned from many within the industry.
…the Chicago Review Of Books called the announcement a “disgusting validation of hate”, and said it “will not cover a single Simon & Schuster book in 2017.”

The left’s inability to distinguish satire, deliberate provocation and serious criticism from hate is a serious failing. When a left-wing academic recently posted that he wanted “white genocide” for Christmas they didn’t blink an eye when he claimed it was satire but when Milo asked if you would rather your child had feminism or cancer, even Hillary took the bait.

Carolyn Kellog, the book editor of?The Los Angeles Times, similarly called out the publisher, saying “If you approved a $250k book deal for the troll promoting racist, sexist views so extreme he got thrown off this platform ? we need to talk.”

In a statement addressing the backlash, Simon & Schuster said it does not condone discrimination or hate speech and asked readers to “withhold judgment until they have had a chance to read the actual contents of the book.”

It is a brilliant marketing strategy from Simon & Schuster. Please buy and read the book before you decide if it is racist and sexist. The hilarious thing is that the Snowflakes who want to be offended will buy it in order to find something offensive.

The book is due for release on March 14.


Actress Leslie Jones has come out swinging against the book as well. Milo was banned from twitter for essentially writing a critical and mocking movie review of Ghostbusters. Not only was he banned but he was incorrectly labelled” racist ” because he commented that he had been rejected by yet another black dude when Leslie Jones abused him on twitter.It looks like she is still lacking a sense of humour and her hissy fit will no doubt help sell another 10,000 copies of his book.