Guest Post: National you can count me out, my future vote does not go with you

GuestPost:?Max Sky is a retired NZ/Australian Entrepreneur and Company CEO with international jurisdiction, specifically Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China and Britain.

His continuing political and historic research is generated on a need to know basis, born through the want of attempting to validate the facts to acknowledge and share his conclusions.
Max is a confessed stalwart for Whaleoil and its continued expansion and longevity.

Sharia Islam is infiltrating and taking over western civilisation by confronting us with an ideology that overrides evidence by distorting and falsifying it for its own ends. What is ironic is that for some time the West in Britain and Europe and under Obama in the USA has been doing exactly the same process. By the West advocating man-made global warming, isolating Israel, supporting Iran and ignoring other blatant atrocities, the west has replaced truth with ideology.

Sharia Islam is our enemy that has declared war upon reason, and now that the West is progressively discarding reason, we are basically left literally defenceless?with our reasoned battlements in ruins.

Progressives, via their ?collective?, have gone down this ideological road to facilitate the glorification and empowerment of ?the individual? in the hope to attain the fulfilment?of their needs and desires. Sharia Islam wants to subjugate the individual and to eliminate their needs and desires. In both cases, the Progressives and Islam have succeeded in suppressing freedom and inflicting a tyranny of the mind.

After the UN resolution 2334, to me what is more apparent is that both the West under a Progressive rule and Islam also have a common hostility to Judaism, Israel, and the Jewish people. The Western ?Governments?, Christians and media bias against Israel exists because the west shares some of the Islamic prejudice, due to the western liberals and the Sharia Islamist belief in their own Utopian society, to which the Jews are an impediment.

Israel is an obstacle to both the Sharia rule of Islam and a progressive world where there are no divisions based on religion or creed. The people who are?always in the way literally and religiously of universalising or subjugating utopias are the Jews. Christian Europe is not on the Israel team because Israel stands in the way of their Universalising?doctrine of the redemption of mankind by Jesus which has replaced Christian Zionism. In fact, Christian Europe and Britain have made theological unions with Islam in preference to Judaism.

The progressive?s appeasement and victim culture, along with acting out of collective western guilt are facilitating the west embracing Sharia Islam by open immigration?as an act of expiation, with some ‘Chamberlain’ notion that it will bring ‘peace on earth.

Now we have Brexit on the horizon and a new USA President and administration who needs to step back from Progressive agendas?and? pull away from ?mainstream corrupt politics? to facilitate some common sense and reason back into the West, after all, the USA is one of only two potential western bastions left for the free?world, and the other bastion is Israel . I tip my respectful hat to Israel who is the continuing front line of defence?of the ?free world? against the enemies of modernity and the western civilisation that produced it.

New Zealand has currently stepped outside Western common sense Democracy that should put the security of its own people first. New Zealand has transformed into a progressive?liberal secular country led around by the nose by the UN and some trading partners with nefarious regimes.?This UN resolution 2334 was proposed and sanctioned by our government, therefore, it is evidently?preferable for the National government to betray our democratic and ideological friends and in doing so betray the New Zealand democratic spirit.

National you can count me out, my future vote does not go with you.