Hi Todd

Another letter to an MP

Hi Todd,

I have been a National party voter since the early 80’s when I voted Labour after Muldoon’s socialist experiment.

I am appalled at this governments support and stance on this issue. Have you all gone mad, why would you,could you propose this madness against the only democracy in the ME? To join with cot case country’s such as Venezuela & Senegal is unbelievable. I am hoping probably in vain that McCully has acted outside his mandate and will be fired asap.

I am ashamed and embarrassed, where is the PM, where is the deputy PM or any senior minister for that matter. The silence is deafening!

I will say one final thing, my vote is wavering towards ACT, I certainly cannot vote for the idiot opposition. I maybe naive in the extreme but I cannot imagine JK letting this occur, at worst he would have been involved immediately.

Please pass this onto Bill, not that I think that my whinge will make a jot of difference.

Kind Regards


Whinges don’t make any difference.  But the volume of it does.   MPs are getting the picture that that Murray McCully’s not represented their views.  And they are also getting the picture that they have been wanting Bill English to take a position on this by now.

Either English is happy with McCully or he’s not.

People want to know where the government, caucus and the PM stand on this.


– via email


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