This man wants to take money from the old and give it to the young

Judge Andrew Becroft says inequality is one of the biggest challenges the country faces and it should be ashamed, embarrassed and worried about some of the statistics.

He said there were 85,000 to 90,000 under 18-year-olds doing it tough, while New Zealand’s over 65-year-olds were some of the most advantaged in the world.

Judge Becroft said people in higher income brackets should be volunteering to pay more tax if it meant more help for those most in need.

He said the government shouldn’t assume that small tax increases would be a disaster.

“It may not actually be political suicide.

“If it could show that a small tax increase at the top level was going to be used to help the most disadvantaged in an effective I think many New Zealanders would sign up for it on the spot and say ‘Go for it’.

Exactly when did people like Andrew Becroft decide the youth of today need an easier start than we had?  We all left home with next to nothing in our pockets.  Sharing a flat or a house to share costs.  Taking the bus, biking or a cheap motorbike got us around while we got our feet wet being employed at or slightly over the minimum wage.

And almost all of us didn’t get to 50 still living in a flat, sharing the bills and riding an old motorbike to our minimum wage job.

So forgive me for asking:  why do young people now need to be able to be economically self-sufficient as soon as they are no longer living at home?  Do they all need to have a car?  Start off with a mortgage on a modest first home?

No they don’t.  They can bloody well earn their way into the economy just like the generations before them.




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