Mental Illness is not an Alternative life style choice

Tuesday, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported that 23-year-old Anna Teshu of Staten Island, New York, has gone missing. Teshu’s 15 minutes of fame began in 2015 when she was featured on the internet because her boyfriend was walking her around on a leash in public. Her boyfriend said: “The collar is like a ring for most couples. They use rings, we have a collar.” Teshu reportedly enjoyed spending time in a puppy cage, as well. She explained, “The first time I put on a collar I thought, ‘Now I need to find someone for the other end.'”

That same year, she was arrested for animal cruelty after allegedly leaving a dog in a hot car. Her attorney said, “She’s a disabled person.” She was found mentally unfit to stand trial and escaped conviction.

…All of this makes headlines because the media and the public decided to treat a mentally ill person as a mentally healthy person making “alternative choices.” Instead of Teshu receiving the help she so obviously needed, the media chose to treat her as a unique flower blooming, and the public nodded along in order to appear tolerant — all the while laughing.

We seem to have reached peak insanity with the number of new “Lifestyle choices” growing by the day. Some seem relatively harmless (though strange) like men who call themselves Bronies because of their fixation with the cartoon series My Little Pony.


The next step up in nuttiness from Bronies are surely Furries who get sexually turned on by cartoons of half human half animals having sex and who also enjoy dressing up as animals themselves.



Then we have the truly mentally ill people who want to become animals and mutilate their appearance in order to become the object of their fixation. In reality, their mental illness is no different to anyone who uses plastic surgery to make extreme alterations to their appearance.