National loses another voter

By Whaleoil reader Sunnyjim

I am absolutely disgusted with Bill English, who has finally broken his silence with an informal statement and pretty much saying that Israel should have seen it coming and that Israel should get over itself.

To add further insult, it would appear the Bill English government has not joined many other Western nations in condemning the cowardly Palestinian terrorist attack on the Israeli soldiers, in which 4 soldiers were killed and 16 injured. They probably did not want to offend and upset the Muslim countries.  

Now Bill English is in Europe, where he will be meeting with the architects of the destruction of Europe, who have allowed well over a million Islamic thugs to invade their countries and who are supported by the European taxpayer with a weekly benefit, free housing and healthcare, etc. Their kindness is repaid with countries in turmoil and living in fear with terrorist attacks, daily stabbings, sexual assaults and rape, burglary and theft.

I have no doubt that these Europeans leaders will put pressure on New Zealand to accept several thousands of “refugees”. Obviously the discussions will include trade, but I’m sure any trade concessions will be conditional on New Zealand accepting many more “refugees”. Bill English is weak and will just give in. So, I won’t be surprised that upon his return he will announce NZ accepting many more migrants and thereby importing similar problems as currently in Europe and Australia.

I’m afraid the 8 years of relative stability under John Key are well and truly over and it’s going to be difficult which party to vote for this year.


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