Politically correct language defined by Whaleoil: Part One

There are so many politically correct words these days that would benefit from a Whaleoil dictionary definition so that we can understand fully what they really mean.

Diversity: This does not mean diverse ideas or diverse experience. Diversity is a code word for including people with coffee-coloured skin and if they are also female that is even better. Bonus points are awarded if they are from a culture that has very different values to the majority culture.


Gender: This used to refer to the two genders, male and female but now it has been given a whole new meaning based not on science or facts but on how people identify themselves. For example, you can identify as an attack helicopter and expect people to address you however you want to be addressed regardless of the obvious fact that you are not, in reality, an attack helicopter.

Globalisation: This is?a code word for destroying European values, religion and culture.It is about removing all the protections that countries have always considered essential for their safety like borders and controlled immigration.

Racist: This used to mean someone who thought that a person was inferior because of the colour of their skin or because of the country that they came from and treated them differently or unfairly because of it. These days the word racist is used as a general insult whenever a person expresses an opinion or makes a decision or choice that another person with a different skin tone doesn’t like. This only applies if the person offended has coffee-coloured skin and the person who offended them is White. You cannot call a coffee coloured skin person racist because their skin tone gives them immunity from all forms of criticism.