Sir “Butch” Peter Leitch victim of a media-fuelled over-reaction

For this to make sense, you can watch the video on Facebook?[since removed], or catch this shorter version here.

The Butch and The Whale Team go way back. ?Pete says David Lange, Butch’s first store and he used to live hundreds of meters from each other right in the middle of brown-land: ?Mangere (East).

If Peter Leitch had any racist bone in his body, he would not have been opening his first store in Maori/PI central, nor would he have been the tireless one-eyed supporter of the New Zealand Warriors, literally from Day One.

So the only solution was to give Peter a ring and ask him what happened.

Peter was at Stonyridge having lunch in with Lady Janice and his grand daughter. ? The girl in the video and her sister were wanting to say hi and have a chat and were having a good laugh.

As an aside, Peter does not drink at the moment so he was sober. ? After explaining that they were on a wine tour, he asked the girls if they had a sober driver and they said, ?”yes”, that their mum was driving them around.

He said “OK, cool as white man’s rules apply over here“.

Peter’s intention was to warn them that the cops were on the island and they don’t like drink driving. ?Additionally, they would be unsympathetic to “locals” as they were not local police.

Now this is important: ?the girls laughed and left.

10 mins later the mother comes in going nuts saying he is a racist and so Peter follows them to the carpark and says he was taken out of context and he was only having a joke about the rules on the island being just as tough as the mainland this time of the year.

He was dreadfully upset things had taken a turn so he offered to buy them lunch as as he felt terrible!

He had been taken the wrong way and meant no offence at all.

Enter “TV3 / Newshub”, and the next thing you know….

People who have known Peter for decades know he is one of the least racist people you can meet. ?He started out his Mad Butcher empire in Mangere. ?He doesn’t see brown faces. ?He only sees New Zealanders and Warrior supporters.

People who?know Sir Butch simply don’t recognise the man as described by the girl in the video.

And that’s where this article ended as I was writing it last night, but then the video was pulled down and this put up.

It would not surprise me that some general grievance, alcohol and egging on by the usual suspects at Newshub set all this into a viral spin where Lara is now as much a victim as Sir Butch. ?Her mother, who wasn’t at the table at the time, lost her cookies at an implied problem that never existed, fuelled by media, and refused to take a good man’s?word that she had the wrong end of the stick.

If I know Sir Butch, and if Lara and her family are willing, those will all be having a great lunch together with all hurt put behind them.

Poor Lara. ?For a girl that just had her FIRST ever racist encounter in her whole life, to go over the top, involve media, and then to discover that she STILL hasn’t had her first ever racist encounter in her whole life… she’s pretty much stuffed now.


ADDED: ?We retrieved the full video from our handy dandy media capture machine, the one that keeps articles newspapers delete, or tweets and posts people delete, and in this case, a video that was?deleted. ?Somehow the ones that are deleted are almost always more interesting, material to a court case, or of interest to authorities.