When you think about it Halal butchers are not really butchers at all

pork products

In New Zealand, we are liberal and tolerant of Muslim-owned and run businesses inside our secular and Christian society. We tolerate halal meat and halal products even though this is not a Muslim country. We tolerate Halal butchers that do not stock:

  • pork steaks,
  • pork roasts,
  • pork slices,
  • pork crackling,
  • ham,
  • pork sausages,
  • pork mince,
  • prosciutto,
  • pork luncheon sausage,
  • pork spare ribs
  • bacon
  • diced pork
  • pork tenderloin
  • Valentine steak
  • pork T-bone chops
  • pork Rib chops
  • pork fillet
  • pork salami
  • pork shoulder steak
  • pork collar steak
  • pork stir fry
  • pork loin eye steak
  • pork loin steak

Even though all of the above are all common meat products that New Zealanders have traditionally expected to be able to buy from a butcher’s shop we cannot expect as consumers to be able to purchase them from a Halal butcher.

Imagine if we had Chemists that didn’t stock the following for religious reasons:

  • painkillers,
  • cold and flu medicine,
  • vitamins ,
  • sanitary products
  • band aids
  • head lice kits
  • nicotine gum
  • pregnancy test kits
  • weight loss products
  • sunscreen
  • makeup
  • hair products
  • birth control pills
  • laxatives
  • condoms
  • sun hats
  • antibiotics
  • probiotics

Halal butchers are butchers who offer significantly less choice but still are considered butchers.Would you consider a business that refused to stock the above products to be a chemist? Halal butchers are a clear-cut example of Muslims not integrating and assimilating. It is quite possible for them to serve ALL New Zealanders by keeping the pork separate from the Halal meat. It is also quite possible for them to hire non-Muslims to process the pork products.

Most if not all of our New Zealand slaughter houses hire exclusively Muslim employees?to do all the Halal slaughter so why can’t Halal butchers do the reverse?

In many delis, they keep the bacon and pork separate from the other meat in order to cater to Muslim customers who are the minority yet Muslims who are still the minority in New Zealand refuse to cater for the majority of non-Muslims. It is because of this refusal to integrate into New Zealand society that Halal butchers are not true butchers at all. What they really are is part of the worldwide ideological push to change our culture and way of life one step at a time.