Once were Vikings now are pussies


Vikings are the ancestors of the once proud Swedish people but if the latest propaganda video from the Swedish government is anything to judge the Swedish people by then they have become emasculated subjugated pussies. The first sentence of the commercial sums up the government’s message to the Swedish people perfectly, ” There is no way back.” I am surprised they did not add the words, “you have been assimilated” because essentially that is the message of the video. Don’t resist, don’t try to save your values or culture, the damage has been done and it is too late to save your country from Islamification.


The faces of the people in the video for the most part radiate resignation. Any smiles look forced. They are selling the lie that the replacement of ethnic Swedes is a good thing but their heart is not in it. Even the immigrants don’t look happy. It has to be the most depressing piece of propaganda that I have seen in a long time. The final line makes it clear that they are not referring to Sweden becoming multi-cultural but to Sweden becoming a Muslim country. It is no accident that the final line is delivered with a Muslim woman in a Hijab in the background, ” Something new- The New Country.”?

The Swedish government at least are being honest. Sweden has become a new country. It has gone from being a safe, liberal and prosperous democracy to the rape capital of the world. Soon it will be just another war-torn Islamic country that refugees will flee in search of another prosperous democratic European country to bleed dry and destroy with their backwards values and their barbaric Sharia law.