If you want a professional clusterfuck, hire Michelle Boag

Sir Peter’s media spokeswoman, former National Party president Michelle Boag, told Māori Television that Bridger came forward because she wanted to be famous. Bridger denied that and said that she was genuinely upset by being a target of racism.

“When you’re feeling a certain way it triggers an emotion. I didn’t do it for the attention,” she told Māori Television.

Boag told the Herald her “flippant” comment had been taken out of context.

She had told Maori Television that Bridger had claimed Leitch approached her because she was “black”.

“I said ‘that was ridiculous she was barely coffee coloured‘.”

I had advised Peter to shut up and let it all burn off.  It would have been a non-story within 24 hours.

In fact, as I kept working on the background of the young woman, it got better than that.  My sources indicate the little Maori princess has gang links, and the whole thing could have been turned around as the set-up it was.

I’ve provided this information to media to follow up on.

I keep repeating myself that Boag is simply not up to scratch.   She has no idea how to deal with these issues.   Now she’s blown it up into an international story.  It’s expanded into the news vacuum that exists this time of year.

She is and remains completely incompetent.  As always, she tried to make it about herself.   Peter didn’t need  a spokeswoman after the first press release.  All that does is keep the story alive.

And then to say that the girl was barely coffee coloured….

This woman is behind more fuckups than a K Road brothel, yet the National party and associated idiots keep using her.

The Butch has until about noon today to very publicly fire her and distance himself from this stupendous display of incompetence.

In the mean time Lara Wharepapa might get away with the whole scam instead of being nailed to the nearest masthead.

One thing is for sure, this story isn’t lying down for the rest of the week, and Peter Leitch is now internationally known as the old white knighted racist.

Michelle is a treasure, isn’t she?


– NZ Herald


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