Whaleoil: giving ideas to the media since 2005

Nicky Hager explained that lazy journalists would publish stories that we wanted them to publish because Cam would serve them up to them with all the work already done. They would be given the story idea, sources to contact and evidence etc making it a very nice and easy article.They were being ” fed ” stories by us and therefore we were influencing the media by getting the stories we wanted to be told into the mainstream media and that hasn’t changed. Of course, we don’t do that anymore.

It worked the other way too as some journalists would ask us to publish stories that they had all the information on but couldn’t touch until a blog like ours had written about it first. They could then safely report on what Whaleoil had said.This ability to ” influence ” the media is apparently very bad when the right-wing do it but we clearly haven’t learned our lesson. Even our readers are now influencing the media, in particular, the Southland Times cartoon.

Nice one Isherman, congratulations, you are officially now part of the Dirty Politics team. Keep up the good work and pour yourself a beer. Influencing the MSM is thirsty work.