Hey NZ politicians, have you heard of Geert Wilders?

screenshot-whaleoil.co.nz Dutch prime ministerial hopeful Geert Wilders has said that the Quran is more anti-Semitic than ?Mein Kampf

Hey New Zealand politicians, have you heard about Geert Wilders?

He?s the leader of a political party in the Netherlands called the ?Party for Freedom?. He?s campaigning in the Dutch elections, which will be held just?three weeks from now.

The media?hate?him. The European Union?hates?him. And most of all, advocates of open borders and mass immigration?hate?him.

Because Wilders opposes mass Muslim migration. And he has called for the?de-Islamification?of the Netherlands.

Wilder is under constant threat of assassination by Muslim extremists. And he?s been prosecuted by the Dutch government for ?hate speech?, merely for criticizing their open borders policies.

Oh ? did I mention it??Geert Wilders is currently leading the polls.

Wilders doesn?t do a lot of media interviews. He knows what we know in Canada: most journalists aren?t neutral. They?re partisan and biased and unethical…

I don?t know whether Wilders will win the Dutch elections ? we?ll find out in a few weeks. But the upset results in the Brexit referendum and the U.S. election suggest that he?s got a real chance.

It will be another domino falling ? with elections in France and Germany still to come this year…

-Ezra Levant therebel.media

Not only is Geert Wilders leading the polls, France’s Marine le Pen is also. Trump has become the President of America. I have three questions for our New Zealand politicians:

1. Does New Zealand have to get itself into the appalling situation that The Netherlands, France, Britain, ?Germany, Sweden and America now find themselves in before any of you will have the courage to promote policies that will halt the Islamisation of our tiny nation?

2. How bad does it have to get before any of you will act?

3. There are so many examples of what not to do for us to learn from. Why are you not acting to shut the gate instead of waiting like The Netherlands, France, Britain, Germany, Sweden and America till after the horse has bolted?