Who did it better?

You may have seen in the women’s magazines the “Who wore it better?” articles where female movie stars wearing the same dress are compared and given a score out of ten.

I have four different fundraising approaches for you to compare where I ask you to decide who did it better. You can give a score out of ten if you like and feel free to comment on the relative pros and cons of each approach.

Contestant number one ran the “Make Paula Bennett angry” campaign.


*(Judges please note the lack of comments on this campaign post)

Contestant number two ran the Kittynap Krisis campaign.


I have sent a negotiator in, but the long and the short of it is that unless we pay the ransom, we may not see Begging Bowl Kitty again.

Please, think of the kitten!

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No, of course Cam isn’t going to shoot the kitten.  We just wanted to get your attention, in case the previous two days of shameful begging hadn’t managed to get you to help out.   And if today doesn’t work, we’ll start posting Nige’s Favourite Music Videos until you pay us to stop.  Because in the end, you know that with Whaleoil, we always do what it takes to get the result we need.

Contestant number three ran the President Trump campaign.




Contestant number four ran the “Read the other side of the story” campaign.




Please let us know your ratings in the comments.

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