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nobility (form) – 1. A class of persons distinguished by high birth or rank and in Great Britain including dukes and duchesses, marquises and marchionesses, earls and countesses, viscounts and viscountesses, and barons and baronesses.
2. Noble rank or status.
3. The state or quality of being exalted in character.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Mmid 14th century, “quality of being excellent or rare,” from Old French nobilite “high rank; dignity, grace; great deed” (12th century, Modern French nobilit√©), and directly from Latin nobilitatem (nominative nobilitas) “celebrity, fame; high birth; excellence, superiority; the nobles,” from nobilis “well-known, prominent”. Meaning “quality of being of noble rank or birth” is attested from late 14th century; sense of “noble class collectively” is from 1520s.


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