Dotcom pinged for ripping off his staff

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When I first heard about this case I was shocked, I actually called a unionist called Matt McCarten to see if he would help them out.

He refused. Little did I know the reason why he refused to help these poor workers dudded by Kim Dotcom…because he was donkey deep involved in planning Dirty Politics at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Now the Employment Relations Authority has found that Dotcom did rip off his workers.

Kim Dotcom has been ordered to pay more than $33,000 in lost wages and compensation to former staff.

A ruling released by the Employment Relations Authority on Monday has upheld complaints from two of the internet mogul’s former employees that they were unfairly dismissed.  

It has thrown out a complaint from a third employee.

Ruth Relleve, John Tactaquin and Pan Filo Orduna all worked for Dotcom from 2010 onwards.

Tactaquin was employed as a personal assistant to Dotcom’s wife, Mona, but dismissed after an argument with the couple.

Authority member James Crichton said the circumstances in which Tactaquin was dismissed were “still shrouded in confusion”.

“I heard a variety of explanations about what happened including more than one version of events from Tactaquin himself … It would seem that Tactaquin was dismissed for falling out with Ms Dotcom.”

Crichton ordered Dotcom to pay $17,526 in lost wages and $3000 in compensation to Tactaquin.

Orduna was employed as a butler and dismissed on the spot after Dotcom thought he shared confidential information with a business partner.

He had approached the business partner looking for work, as he was worried about his prospects after Dotcom was arrested and his assets were frozen in 2012.

He argued that because of Dotcom’s “very erratic sleeping pattern”, he regularly worked hours beyond those agreed in his employment agreement, but Dotcom disputed this.

Orduna will receive $8850 in lost wages and $4000 in compensation.

I wonder what Matt McCarten would say now. If he denies that I called him about this then I can always release my audio recordings.

McCarten, of course, went on to become David Cunliffe’s chief of staff and helped run Labour’s “Vote Positive” campaign. He maintained close ties with all the other protagonists in Dirty Politics, and I can place him at the mansion too. He is still working for Labour, in Auckland. A good reporter would ask him about his role in failing to assist vulnerable workers and how does he reconcile that with working for the Labour party, the party for the workers.

Labour likes to claim they are clean as the driven snow and they don’t do dirty politics, but no National MPs went to the mansion, only opposition MPs, including key Labour politicians.

Dirty Politics was always a political hit job. Matt McCarten had his role in it.

The really funny thing is that those calls about helping these workers were the last time I ever spoke to him. He has never rung me again, and once I found out his involvement I never called him again and never will.

This case highlighted the problem the leftwing had cuddling up to a scumbag like Kim Dotcom. He rips off vulnerable people, including staff, and the left-wing just ignored their plight.

It took right-wingers with a conscience to highlight their plight and actually fund their legal fees. That story is still untold.

At least now McCarten’s role in ignoring vulnerable workers is now out there.


– Fairfax


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