I hope he is a better lawyer than he is a climate expert

Full-time blogger, part time local body politician and flea lawyer, Greg Presland thinks that the flooding in West Auckland wasn’t caused by rain.

Not weather either…he knows for certain what and who is to blame for all the flooding.

Can you guess? ??

Someone needs to tell Greg that weather isn’t climate change.

The reason his city isn’t designed to handle deluges is because successive left-wing councils out West failed to spend properly on infrastructure and Len Brown and now Phil Goff have continued on with that.

Instead, they’ve advocated for pet projects, social projects and other womble stuff.

No surprises then when it all comes home to roost.

Cities like Singapore cope with much more rain in shorter periods, as do other sub-tropical countries. They are called monsoons and they cope.

Instead of pining for a stadium how about these muppets invest in core infrastructure?

Perhaps if the clown actually unfolded his arms he might actually achieve something.

To think he wanted to be an MP.