No class from Steffan Browning [UPDATED]

The Green party used to have a rule that they should debate issues not attack people personally.

Unfortunately, after Rod Donald died and Jeanette Fitzsimons left that quietly went by the wayside. ?

Now you have wankers like Steffan Browning abusing traditions of parliament for a shabby personal hit on a former PM who is leaving.

No class there what so ever.

Steffan Browning is going to want his own valedictory speech in a few short months. Let’s hope that other MPs show him more courtesy and respect than he showed John Key.

At least John Key never proposed curing Ebola with homoeopathy…now that is disgusting, condemning people to a painful death because he believes in magic water.

UPDATED: Keeping Stock has found the Green Party values page.

Looks like Steffan Browning has passed the mandatory hypocrisy test for all Green party MPs.