A third of the ex Australia deported Kiwi cons have offended again

Kelvin Davis’ Aussie/Kiwi/Crimwave constituents that were kicked out by Australia to come back to New Zealand have done Labour proud.

Almost a third of Kiwis deported from Australia in the last two years have reoffended, according to police figures.

The figures showed 218 of the 660 sent home by the Australian Government between January 1 2015 and January 19 this year had gone on to break the law here.

Collectively they have committed 877 offences.

Labour Corrections spokesman Kelvin Davis tonight had a simple response to the figures.

“I told you so. This was always going to happen.”


Oh, that’s priceless. ? But he doesn’t care. ?He counts on those people to vote for Labour, and he so loves to publicise his visits to prisons when he goes to make some read-to-made news for the media looking for shaggy-dog stories.

Davis better get them in before September. ?His rise to the top wasn’t because of his personal and professional qualities, and without his previous supporters, he’s a political dead duck.


– NZ Herald