The Australian Imam who doesn’t want Australia to become an Islamic country

Australian Imam Shaikh Tawhidi believes that this book the Bukhari should be banned

Australian Imam Shaikh Tawhidi says that there are too many mosques in Australia and that many of them are being used to radicalise youth. He says that there is a book on every Muslim’s bookshelf called the Bukhari that should be banned in Australia because he says that ” every act of terrorism is taught from that book.”

He says that the idea of 72 virgins is ridiculous and that when Australian female leaders visit the Middle East they should refuse to wear the head scarf. Even more astonishingly he says that of course, Israel belongs to the Jews. He wants the Australian government to investigate the bank accounts of Imams to see who is funding them. He points out that the Grand Mufti who was elected to represent Muslims has not once come out and in English condemned terrorism in twenty years. He says that Australia deserves a Muslim community that takes a stand against ISIS.

He is a brave man and like everyone brave enough to speak out about the problems with Islam his life is now in danger because some members of the Muslim community do not take criticism well as we all know. He has provided a simple plan for the Australian government to follow in order to reform the ideology of Islam inside Australia.

Plan to reform Islam inside Australia:

1) Remove the books that are being used to radicalise youth that are inside Islamic schools and mosques. He doesn’t want them burnt, just returned to the publisher (Saudi Arabia is my guess)

2) The secret service needs to monitor the movements of every religious leader.