How can we tell the difference between Labour and National?

I have been following both The Young Nats facebook page and the Young Labour Facebook page.

One page put up an image that said the following:

Proud to be…

A group that stood up for same-sex marriage rights

A group that stood up for keeping the drinking age at 18

A group that stood up for increased refugee numbers.

A group that advocates for issues that matter to young Kiwis

Can you tell from that description whether it was the youth wing of National or Labour?



The fact that the above description could just as easily apply to Labour as well as National is why National will not be getting my vote this election. Where is the point of difference? Anyone?



Me, me, me, FREE FREE FREE


Unintelligible movie reference. Since when did the Green party represent languages? I think I’ll be taking the gold pill and who the hell is the purple pill meant to represent anyway?


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