Comment of the Day – Why is Phil Goff outsourcing jobs to Aussies?

Rantykiwi comments:

Phil’s disingenuous council have just slid another questionable deal past the poor old ratepayer. New all-inclusive maintenance contracts have just been signed. Much is made in the official announcement that a move has been made to only 6 suppliers, 4 of whom are NZ owned compared to the previous 17 suppliers 9 of whom were NZ owned. ?

The reality is significantly different – by far the bulk of the money will be going to Ventia and UMS both of whom are foreign companies with very little if any presence in NZ at the moment. Of the remaining 4 contractors, one is owned by the Auckland Council themselves so isn’t really a contract (and by definition won’t be efficient), 1 is owned by the Christchurch City Council (so why aren’t AC just doing the job inefficiently themselves) and 1 is mostly owned by Vector (effectively some of the ratepayers). The last is owned by a couple of tree hugging carpetbaggers from Rotorua.

No value statement, no independent fiscal oversight, and no consultation with the ratepayers as usual despite some of these contracts apparently being in the region of $20M per annum.

My own sources tell me that the whole tender process was an utter disgrace.

Existing contractors are gone, completely.

There are plenty of rumours swirling around about these contracts, expect some back-lash.

I wonder though when Labour will say something about outsourcing contracts to offshore owned multi-national corporates?