Of course he wants a new tax…socialists always want new taxes

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Andrew Little is a big fan of a new tax, he’s probably never met a new tax he didn’t like.

Labour leader Andrew Little wants a “tourist tax” charged at the border to help pay for tourism infrastructure, rejecting Tourism Minister Paula Bennett’s concerns it risked making New Zealand look like a “rip-off.”

Little said a “modest” levy would be ring-fenced to pass on to local councils to use on tourism-related infrastructure. ?

“We rapidly and urgently need new infrastructure and infrastructure upgrades targeted at tourists and the easiest and most efficient way to pay for it is just a border levy collected when you buy your ticket, and a mechanism to distribute it to local councils.”

He rejected Bennett’s suggestion New Zealand risked being seen as a “rip-off” if it added too many extra costs. “We are in desperate need of new infrastructure. A reasonable sum paid at the border is a more efficient way of getting infrastructure built and making sure tourists don’t s*** all over our free camping areas and our beaches.”

Little said it would be simple to add the levy – since 2015 there has been a levy of about $22 to pay for border control added to the cost of a ticket. In its first five months, that had generated $27.72 million – well above the forecast income of $20.22 million.

Oh how cool, a leader who says “shit”. Yeah, that won’t get you any votes, Andrew.

How about parliament and council don’t pass stupid laws and bylaws that then place an undue burden on?the ratepayers in the first place, then we wouldn’t need to put in extra taxes to fix what they screwed up in the first place.


– NZ Herald