First time you’re very welcome. Second time, we’ll fine you for coming back


You’d be forgiven for thinking shopping malls like their customers to return again and again.

But on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington, repeat shoppers have been slapped with $65 parking fines ? for returning too quickly between visits.

Daphne Boderick parked at Coastlands mall in Paraparaumu on Saturday morning, did some shopping and then left.

She returned a few hours later, to a different parking spot, to visit the mall again. She came back to her car to find a fine on her windscreen for exceeding the four-hour parking limit.

Easy money for Coastlands. ?

…it appeared licence plates were recorded in the morning and, if the same plate was found anywhere in the car park in the afternoon, drivers were ticketed.

Coastlands centre manager Jan Forrest said the mall had been assured by the parking contractors that the multiple visit problem would not happen again.

“It’s something that we only became aware of that seemed to happen this last weekend. I don’t know what the issue was, if there was a glitch.”

She said she had been contacted by ticketed shoppers, and so had the parking company.

They would void any tickets issued, but she said there could well be people who had paid fines already. Anybody with concerns could contact the mall.

Coastlands never intended for people who were shopping, or had returned multiple times, to be ticketed. “It’s not what you want to do at all.”

How would you solve this situation readers?


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