Good news for flying laptop losers – no plans to ban them here

The Civil Aviation Authority has no plans at this stage to follow Australian authorities in ramping up security checks on flights from some Middle Eastern countries.

Canberra has confirmed that from next week, passengers flying from Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi will undergo random explosive detection tests and targeted screening of electronic devices.

The Federal Transport Minister, Darren Chester, said while there was no specific threat to Australia, the extra security was a precautionary measure.

The move stops short of action taken last month by the United States and British governments to ban laptops, iPads, cameras and some other electronics from carry-on luggage.

Only two airlines fly directly from the Middle East to New Zealand – Emirates and Qatar Airways.

A spokesperson for the CAA said they would monitor the situation.

Only friendless losers use laptops on planes. ?But I do admit to being slightly panicked at losing an iPad as well. ? So thank goodness that idiocy hasn’t been adopted by the CAA. ?Yet.

Just be aware if you are on a connecting flight. ?Could get messy.