We have the Helmet, Gorget, Pauldron, Upper Vambrace, Breastplate, Cowter, Lower Vambrace and Gauntlets

Thanks to the wonderful Whale Army, subscriptions have provided Whaleoil with half the suit of armour we need to take on the MSM. In fact, we are already 17 subscriptions above 50% of the subscription goal we set ourselves for the year.

I don’t like to mess around and since we achieved 50% of our yearly goal three months early why don’t we complete the yearly goal three months early as well? My challenge to us all is to get the full suit of armour by September.

I promise that once we hit the yearly target I will stop doing promos for the rest of the year and any further increases can occur at a slower more relaxed pace because we will then have a solid base on which to continue to grow.

So what do we need? Well, our current goal is a couple of Tassets to keep our Whaley upper thighs protected from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Can we achieve them by the end of this month? Can we get 83 subs in the next four weeks? I say we can. We need an average of ?2.9 sign ups per day. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been averaging one sign up a day so all we need to do is to increase that by 1-2 a day.

Will you be that extra person today?

A subscription to Whaleoil is a bargain right now at only $2.30 a week.



To get the Tasset we need 100 more subscriptions. We already have 17 towards our goal.

To subscribe to ad-free viewing, faster loading times and to contribute towards our Tassets click on the Knight below.