I only have one question

Waikato prison’s high-security unit had 27 prisoners uncontrollable for almost a day in June 2013, including some drunk on home-brewed alcohol, damaging property and lighting fires.

The prison, surrounded by a high concrete fence, covers 215ha and can house just over 1000 men of minimum to high security status.

Corrections has released its report into the circumstances of the riot.

Contributing included dysfunctional management and the fact some prisoners were locked in cells for up to 26 hours at a time.

The department’s chief custodial officer, Neil Beales, said all of the report’s recommendations had been put in place and Spring Hill was now a very different prison.

“This was, for the department, was quite a watershed moment,” he said.

“We’ve taken a lot of lessons from that and we’ve applied those lessons.”

“This was the most significant type of this event for a considerable period of time – you know, [it’s been] well on 15 years that we haven’t seen an event of this nature.”

So my question is: ?why is it that Corrections can make a hash of it and they get a nice report, change the systems and mend their ways, but when Serco make a mistake, they are run out of town?

Last time I looked, apart from me, nobody is perfect.

The whole point of having an environment that allows for improvements to come from mistakes is that we collectively get better at it and we get at least something good coming from something bad.