If the Olympics were Journalism

by BlokeInTakapuna

If the Olympics were Journalism, Nicky Hager would be our very own Eddie ?The Eagle? – except without the charisma or being the crowd favourite. He certainly gets far more fawning media attention than his ability deserves and achievements demonstrate. Although, he does entertain dozens and dozens in certain circles, thereby perhaps providing a necessary public/community safety valve mouth piece through which a few shouty types can flatulently vent their life frustrations.

With so many flawed outcomes from so many, many flawed ?facts? still being discovered as people trudge through this latest effort, I have to wonder if people in the journalism profession could ever call the ethically challenged Hager a Journalist ever again, let alone any type of credible one?
How could a book, not a rushed together weekly magazine or daily print article, but a researched book, by a seasoned, published, ?Investigative Journalist? have so many basic errors and flaws that it wouldn?t even pass a Journalism 101 class?

Checking google for ?Journalism Basics? to see if things like fact checking and correct geographical locations and names were important to context and a story ?and the Reuters handbook was at the top of the list, giving some very basic minimum requirements for any story. Nicky & Jon really should take note, or at the very least, their friends in journalism should quietly send them a link.

As an average Joe Public reader, even I can see that Hager & Stephenson clearly need remedial lessons, having produced an effort that history will likely show to be one of the biggest, self-upper-cut, face palm, foot shootin? effort any self-respecting author could ever inflict upon themselves. Hager?s ambition to be a recognised name in NZ literature has finally been achieved. Although, unlikely how he wishes and most certainly for all the wrong reasons.

The cheering and laughing they both likely hear everywhere they go, is not adoring fans thankful for their work. Rather, it?s likely to be ?colleagues? sniggering behind their backs, too embarrassed to be seen with either to mention the remedial lessons both clearly need. Still? they did spell their names correctly and got ?SAS? correct also? every time too.

There?s a saying, going something like ?Those that say it can?t be done, should get out of the way of those doing it? That saying comes to mind as Hager & Stephenson sit comfortably on their couches at home, whilst our SAS (and all service people) put their own safety and lives at risk to protect NZ and our way of life. Ironically so that Hager has the freedom to exercise his freedom of speech. And in English, instead of what might have been German or Japanese save for those same brave types of service men and woman a few generations ago, protecting our way of life.

It?s so ironic that basic details on a Map and a story involving a Mr. Mapp still have villagers somewhere in a remote valley in Afghanistan asking for their ?investigative journalists? back.
But the real shame of this most recent publication is that despite Hager claiming to care for people and the environment, his actions clearly demonstrate otherwise. Same with the publisher also.

Perhaps next time, if there is a next time, they?ll go to print on much softer, more absorbent paper, so literary titans of this calibre can at least be up-cycled and re-purposed.