Just drown the little fluff balls

Apparently there is a kitten problem in Marlborough:

Kittens in soggy cardboard boxes?are being?dumped in unprecedented numbers?and SPCA Marlborough is struggling to cope.

Soggy eh? Obviously not left long enough at the bottom of the lake.

Dozens of kittens and cats have been dumped outside the centre’s doors, often in wet conditions, but the animal welfare organisation is already at capacity.

Space at the shelter is in such demand that staff have been taking some animals home after their shift.

In the past six weeks, 99 kittens and 30 cats have entered their care. Among these cases,?six kittens were left in a box in the rain and four were dumped near a river.

There is the problem right there…they were dumped near a river, not in the river.

Manager Kaycee?Polkinghorne said the conditions were unfair on both animals and staff and illegally dumping was not the answer to re-homing unwanted pets.

“This has become a real problem within the Marlborough region. It’s terrible to see these kittens being put in such vulnerable situations, many could die if they are not found in time,” she said.

“For some reason, the numbers have skyrocketed and there’s been no stopping.”

Cat intake had been abnormally high since the year began, with 63 felines admitted in January. The previous January had seen 32.

Take them for a long walk off a short pier…in a sack with a concrete block…job done.

Spare me…they are horrid little creatures.


– Fairfax