Match the New Zealand Political party to the Housing policy statement

Micky Savage John Key housing cartoon

Can you match the political party to the Housing policy statement?

Do these sound like the goals of a right, left or middle of the road party? A  conservative or liberal party? A party concerned with beneficiaries, working-class, middle-class or the wealthy? Is this a party that wants to interfere in local government or leave local government alone? Is this a party that supports a capital gains tax? When you read the words ” fair share” of tax what does that make you think of?

** No cheating. I will tell you which party the policy belongs to this evening.

Our package includes:

  • Creating special housing areas in high demand areas across New Zealand to fast-track the building of homes.
  • A $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund to accelerate new housing in the high-demand areas where it’s needed most. The new fund will focus squarely on financing infrastructure like roads and water needed to support new housing.
  • Setting up independent Urban Development Authorities to speed up housing development in high-demand areas – they’ve proved successful in many other countries.
  • Reforming the Resource Management Act to make it easier for councils and developers to get houses consented and built.
  • Tightened rules to ensure people buying and selling property for profit pay their fair share of tax
  • Requiring Councils to ensure land supply for housing keeps pace with growth…legislation to restrict Council development charges to reduce the cost of building

The best way to address housing affordability is to build more houses and build them faster and we have a comprehensive programme underway to help make this happen.

We will not allow unresponsive planning and slow infrastructure development to lock New Zealanders out of much-needed housing.

RNZ cartoonist Toby Morris’ take on the Auckland housing crisis Photo: RNZ / Toby Morris


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