Nashy and other committee members need to focus on criminals

What Nashy and the other muppets on the committee don’t realize is that their recommendations are utterly flawed and only target legitimate gun owners and not criminals.

Nashy says these are only recommendations but again he doesn’t realise that almost every duck shooter who in a few weeks will be out on ponds and rivers hunting ducks all use semi-auto guns….which his stupid recommendations would make an almost restricted weapon.  

That is going to be a whole of angry people going after these guys for their dopey recommendations.

Most of those recommendations will embolden the Police to take even more diabolical liberties against legitimate gun owners.

The focus needs to be on criminals and on the Police to do their job.

None of the recommendations even came close to increasing penalties for aggravated crimes using firearms. Instead they focused on making life harder for already licenced gun owners.

There is going to be push back on this and it is likely to follow the same guidelines as the NRA when it comes to challenging dopey politicians. When several of them get rinsed perhaps they might start listening.


-HB Today


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