Police trying very hard to disarm duck shooters

Radio NZ reported that the Police think that duck shooters shouldn’t have access to semi-auto shotguns (like the one above), and that they aren’t needed or even wanted.

Have a listen and if you are a duck shooter, be outraged as it seems the Police are intent on going after legitimate gun owners on thin and spurious evidence. The main Police advocate being the union boss Chris Cahill.

At least Fish and Game is pushing back as they should.

There are over 250,000 people with a firearms licence and I’d say most of them have a semi-auto shotgun. I have two myself, a Beretta and a Remington.

Bryce Johnson is wasting his time wanting to sit down and talk with Police. It is clear that Police are on a mission to further restrict firearms and the rights of gun owners. They are prepared to lie to the committee and their evidence presented to the committee was a joke.

What is also abundantly clear is that the politicians and the Police, especially Chris Cahill aren’t getting the message that it is criminals they should be after not law abiding firearms owners.

If they aren’t getting the message then it is time to roll out some NRA tactics. The politicians and Police have blown it, and the time for talking is at an end.

It is election year and in five months we go to the polls. Do the math.


– Radio NZ


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