RMA: New Zealanders are now officially Two People

One law for all? ? Not when the National party sells that concept down the river.

Don Brash writes

[The]?passage of the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill is a sad day for democracy and may cost the National Party the election, Hobson?s Pledge leader Don Brash said today.

The National Party only managed to get the contentious piece of legislation through with the help of their two friends in the Maori Party.

Upon request, Environment Minister Nick Smith inserted Mana Whakahono a Rohe clauses into a bill intended to streamline resource management and these changes will involve iwi appointees in plan making, consenting, appointing committees, monitoring and enforcing bylaws.

Iwi will also be involved in the allocation of our drinking water.

These clauses were agreed behind closed doors, with no public consultation, no warning, and no published meeting agendas or minutes.

The tragic thing about these new clauses is that to appease the Maori Party, these amendments will slow down every resource consent when the purpose of the reform was to speed them up.

Respected constitutional lawyer Stephen Franks confirms the gravity of the situation:

He said that ?the provisions are a major constitutional change. They subordinate powers entrusted to elected local governments, in deliberately obscure words, to racially inherited power, beyond the reach of electoral recall.?

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is already campaigning against race-based clauses in this bill.

The trickle of disappointed former National Party voters to New Zealand First can turn into a flood as the result of National Party MPs not only ignoring the concerns of their constituents, but openly slandering them as racist.

Support for National on this issue is slumping just months out from an election and Prime Minister Bill English seems blissfully unaware of what he is sleepwalking into.

Bill English is an administrator but not a leader. ?In less than a few months he has managed to erode most of John Key’s magic, not by playing it safe, but simply making dumb decisions.

I did warn people English was the wrong choice. ? People thought I was being personal. ?I can’t say I’m enjoying being right again. ?But at this stage, even a left-wing government is going to be better than where English is taking the National party.

One you are selling your soul on the basic principles of democracy, there will be no confidence in this government’s decisions in future.


– Hobson’s?Pledge